Also known as Option, Shift, Command, Delete. That’s the system wide keyboard shortcut that I’ve finally set up for the MacOS ‘Start Speaking’ functionality, and I’m absolutely loving it as a proof reading aid (along with Option, Shift, Command, Comma for ‘Stop Speaking’). 

I’ve long known about the default Mac ability to speak, but with it being a slightly awkward Control click submenu (awkward mostly when trying to start and stop it quickly) I’ve never really used it that much.

After finally bothering to make this a shortcut, I’m using it as much or even more as ⌘c, ⌘p and ⌘z combined. I can’t recommend it enough, especially if your dyslexic or anywhere on the attention deficit spectrum and prone to reading too quickly to notice your mistakes. I’m using Alex, halfway between Normal and Fast speed. Give it a ago (control Speech in the Accessibility settings and App Shortcuts in Keyboard > Shortcuts in your System Preference).