I’m Mathew Wilson, an interaction designer and a former founding partner of With Associates, a digital consultancy which ran from 2004 to 2016. I’m interested in how and why things work, what makes us act the way we do, and in finding the most responsible ways to design systems that benefit people.

Currently I’m a 3rd year tutor on the Graphic Design BA and Kingston University, and I’m in the final stages of closing With Associates and helping clients move to new platforms and service providers. Also, and always, I’ll be exploring new ways of working with businesses, charities and educational institutions on design* related matters.

Documenteering is my portmanteau of documentary and orienteering. It’s a reference to my love of navigating the world via observations of how things work. Learn more about the idea here.

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Once upon a time, I thought I could beat Jenson Button
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A tiny word for an enormous and important way of thinking and approaching challenges. The main topic that I’ll be exploring more on documenteering.com.