It’s dyslexia awareness week 

And I was not aware. Not even of the fact that such a week existed. But having found out, and being dyslexic, I thought I might share my experience. For your awareness.  This image is a near perfect illustration of how dyslexia feels to me. ‘Near perfect’ because the words don’t literally move in a… Continue reading It’s dyslexia awareness week 

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Browser Tab Amnesty #3

‘Perverse incentives’ are incentives that have unintended and undesirable results that are contrary to the intentions of its designersAlso known as unintended consequences, or the cobra effect, or by a whole number of other names and stories. Whatever it’s called, whenever I hear these terms, my mind goes to UX design-related cases, specifically, and the… Continue reading Browser Tab Amnesty #3

Buying domain names for daydream projects: The big money edition

An interesting read about how Basecamp acquired for their email product. They don’t reveal the sum they paid, but guesses are invited, so I’m throwing my reckoning of $500,000. Whatever it cost in the end though, I bet it was a tense and niggly 18 months.  It resonates particularly with me today, after spending yet more… Continue reading Buying domain names for daydream projects: The big money edition