Another nice TukTuk detail. These little winged skull and crossbones hold then canvas roofs down on a certain type. Others have little silver spades on the back as well. Neither detail could I find out more about. Would love to know more. ☠️

Maybe tomorrow

We spent one of our first days in Sri Lanka on the beech while friendly people walked past, offering up things to buy. To be polite, to all those that really persisted, we smiled and said maybe later. Or maybe tomorrow. Until one nice guy ask in reply “You English?” We confirmed in slight surprise… Continue reading Maybe tomorrow


Ella to Kandy on a long but beautiful train journey today. Stunning landscape and sights. Felt part Dr Zeus, part Studio Ghibli. Just so odd yet also familiar. Also funny how the train system here feels so British, except they do it with more style and emotion here I think. Also, dogs. They’re all over… Continue reading Untitled


It usually feels like a gimmick when I use the Pano feature on the iPhone but today at Ravana Falls in Ella I think I found the sweet spot. Something different in each area, combining to make an interesting composition. No big bit of boring between two things of interest or just a long landscape… Continue reading Untitled


Last nights post got lost for longer than usual in the Tumblr app cache limbo, and it gave me a while to reflect on the worth of my own and all other writing online. Usually it’s free. As per the original plan of the World Wide Web. Open and free access for all. An amazing… Continue reading Worth


More car and transport thoughts. Starting to worry about thinking so much about this and not just relaxing etc. But observations keep intriguing me. To cut some short, here they are in short. The road ‘system’ here is simple it seems. If a bit scary. Basically: Avoid a crash or have one. No mitigation like… Continue reading Untitled

The world’s most dangerous roads – get the data | theguardian.com | 2011

Thinking again on the roads and safety in Sri Lanka and found this old article. Data maybe be out of date (in fact checking it quickly past Wikipedia looks like it might well be, need a third opinion maybe). Taking the ‘Road deaths per 100,000 (estimated)’ column which I reckon is fairest (as in harshest) Sri Lanka has 0.4 fewer road deaths per 100,000 people than the USA.

The world’s most dangerous roads – get the data | theguardian.com | 2011


Driving in Sri Lanka: I’m not. I mean I was told that they drive a bit crazy over hear but after being zoomed around in a TukTuk for a few days I’m feeling they’re actually better drivers and that their road system (what we’d call road etiquette in the UK – basically, the expected way… Continue reading Untitled