Adblocker pop-ups

I’m having a pop-uppy day today. First time I’ve encounter this one from The Atlantic: Which reminds me of this one from Forbes: I still feel a mixed bag of reactions to these sorts of messages. I totally understand the need for these publications to make money in order to exist, but I resent the… Continue reading Adblocker pop-ups

Wait But Why

Just added a note to my post about members, funders etc. as I’ve added my ‘patronage’ to Wait But Why which I feel like I’ve know about for years, but it turns out it only started in 2013. Whatever And Whenever, only now am I getting chance to really dig though all the past posts and they… Continue reading Wait But Why

Members, funders, investors, consumers, subscribers, supporters and semantics

I pay for my TV licence. I pay for my Netflix plan. I fund people on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I sponsor people to fundraise. I invest in a start up. I subscribe to Apple Music. I also subscribe and support via Patreon. And now I have membership to a blog.  All these things are true, but… Continue reading Members, funders, investors, consumers, subscribers, supporters and semantics


Wonder which part of Elon Musks Master Plan this will be. Or, if ever there was a cause for Bill Gates to fund with a small portion of his wealth this would be it. With free energy, clean water plants and climate change are knocked on the head.


“The Foldscope is an ultra-low cost microscope made from common materials such as paper.” It could cost less than one dollar to produce, and there maybe be a Kickstarter coming for it soon. I love it when a TED talk becomes reality. I saw this a couple years back and forgot about it until recently. Many more details… Continue reading Foldscope

Kottke membership

No sooner that I express my Kottke love, he starts a Kottke membership thing! This post about his reasons is well with a read. Personally I would have signed up to this ages ago and often wonder why more creators don’t do similar.  


More YouTube creator love. This time for the fantastically entertaining, educational and sometimes scary world of Kurzgesagt (In a nutshell). This is their latest but there are loads more to pick from. Stand out episodes(?) for me have been one on CRISPR, Human Origins, Antibiotic Apocalypse, What Is Something?, Addiction and What is Light?. And sometimes less sciencey ones,… Continue reading Untitled

Early adapter

I heard someone say this yesterday when meaning ‘early adopter’. I like how it broadens the spectrum of technological adoption though. Wonder what other groups and phases are identifiable? Before early adopter I suppose there are the creators of some sort. Or the ones that hack their own version of something. Like people who jailbreak… Continue reading Early adapter


I mentioned the Dutch, the Netherlands and Holland in my last post, all the while thinking ‘which name was for which bit again?’. Then I remembered this helpful video from the helpfully prolific CGP Grey. What I remember most is that it’s actually pretty confusing and so I feel less bad for not knowing it all by… Continue reading Untitled