Wish lists: Talk formats and design school briefs

Talk/Interview format: Browser history roulette You hand your computer to the host, they connect it to the screen, and randomly pick interesting things from your browser history. You have to give context and explain how you got to and what you got from each page. Talk format: Random image roulette Following a 20×20 presentation format… Continue reading Wish lists: Talk formats and design school briefs

Wrapping up the week

1. I’m loving working with Hackney Council. Not just for the opportunity to do good work that will help their officers provide better and most sustainable services to their residents – But because I used to live there and so care a lot for the area. In working with them I also care for the… Continue reading Wrapping up the week

Realising the actual user need

It’s great to work from user needs. It feels obvious when you do, and mind boggling to think that anyone wouldn’t. But the obviousness can be deceptive. In a meeting today someone joked about people confidently stating ‘user needs’ such as “users need a chatbot to give customer support” or “users need notifications to keep… Continue reading Realising the actual user need

Browser Tab Amnesty #5

A selection of links from browser tabs that I’ve kept open, with intent to read more about or do something with. Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center by Hiroshi Nakamura is built using waste materialsI made a shed like this once. That is, from waste materials that I found and scavenged. I just love the practice of… Continue reading Browser Tab Amnesty #5

The job of doing design

Based on some recent conversations. A way of looking at the job of doing design: It’s not all designing though, no matter which discipline. The majority of the job of doing design is actually just creating the environment for design to happen: And when creating the environment, the majority of time is actually spent talking… Continue reading The job of doing design