15 minutes. Go!

I’ve procrastinated and made excuses for plans on blogging or not blogging for about 14 years. I’ve watched and read others while thinking ‘I could do that’. But I’ve not. Listing the excuses is perhaps a post for another 15 minutes sometime. For this 15, it’s time to outline a manifesto that finally feels right for me.

Inspired and finally pushed by a post titled R.I.P. The Blog, 1997-2013 I feel partly excited about joining the party in a potential aftermath. If ‘how it was’ is over, then I’m in, because how it was never suited. Maybe how it will be, will suit. We’ll see.

I like an underdog and aspire to be on. Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s recent David and Goliath reinforced this desire and even justified it somewhat.

The fuel though this time comes from a 15 minute cap. A decision that came over Christmas and New Year that the procrastination just needed a push in the form of a comfortable and sustainable framework. Every post from now on therefore will be given 15 minutes and no more (well, maybe more for hyperlink adding and spell checking*). 

And as a first attempt, my clock says time is up. Manifesto. Introduction. Beginning. Here we finally go. 

* Spell checking. Another ‘another post’ for sure.