Karma Neutral

An additional goal of my 2014 blogging plan is karma neutrality; Offsetting moans with praise; Trading whinging for hat doffing. I don’t want to be another writer of pessimistic observations basically, despite believing in the value of crit, just as much as gush.  

The encouragement for this perspective came predominantly from my colleague Jamie who suggests that a blog should be an agitprop rather than a self censored viewpoint, the idea being that sharing a potentially controversial point of view has more value than repeating the status quo. 

If people are unhappy with a view, then they are free to express their moan in retort. That said, I will not be adding comments to my blog. Never liked them and doubt I ever will.

They’re a fine medium in their own right, if you like that sort of thing, but personally I’ve no time to read the free writing of an anonymous minority.

I digress. I will also moan. And praise. In equal measure. And achieve neither good nor bad karma.