The fourth wall in everyday life

Utterly intrigued by this photo from Samuel Wilkinson on Instagram.


Limited to 140 characters is was a little hard to explain… 



… but I really do love how intimate it feels, despite the fact it’s a demolition photo from Kilburn. There’s just something about the exposure of so many previously private spaces, the disappearance of others and the pending destiny of those that remain.

Overthinking it perhaps, but it pushes all my metaphor buttons and I’m incapable of not imagining all the stories that must have happened in those rooms. Conversations over colour choices. Guests that were welcomed. Parties that were had. People that were conceived. People that died.

Love also how it breaks the forth wall as it were, of buildings and rooms being large solid states, when in reality they’re just thin divides containing space. Makes things seem less defensive somehow. Look at a building now and think how it’s just a collection of intimate environments harbouring life.

OK, totally romanticising now, but it’s nice to be moved by something, even if it is a demolition site.