Where would you link to for a 1984 reference?

Did it feel ironic linking to Wikipedia to reference 1984 in my last post? Is it the closest manifestation of a Ministry of Truth in the real world? Or is it our best hope against a 1984 style future? Wish Orwell were alive to see it. Who’s the modern day Orwell? What’s the value of posting questions in a blog post? Am I just hoping this will make conversation with my colleagues? Or am I just unwilling to stand by any points that I’m raising here?

Whatever way, question marks really are easy lazy tools in writing, aren’t they? Seriously though, JamieAnna, who’s the modern day Orwell? 

8 August 2014. 12.30pm. Little Georiga 87 Goldsmith’s Row. London E2 8QR. Accompanied by a flat white (5/10).