Visceral commemoration to WWI soldiers #wearehere

“The ‘We Are Here’ project commemorates the 19,240 British lives lost on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 100 years ago today. Hundreds of young men in period uniform have been seen across the country, each handing out cards with the details of a different soldier who died on that day.” via Twitter

Rally feeling this today. With so much uncertainty and treachery in the air, with the UK less united than in has been in generations, while also turning it’s back on Europe, seeing such a visceral reminder of the thousands of individual lives given in fighting for freedom is just perfect in so many ways. Hat’s off to whoever orchestrated this one. 

wearehere soldier by @georgieewatts on Twitter

Via @georgieewatts

wearehere solider card via @MadelineLitt on Twitter

Also a brilliant touch with the cards via @MadelineLitt

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