Everyday Posting

Once again finding myself inspired by Russell Davies and his recent plan to post something every day

Kevin is attempting to publish something every day. This is hard, though I actually managed it in 2015. I think it was worthwhile, I’m going to try again.

For what it’s worth, here are the ‘rules’ that helped me do it.

1. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be something – no-one’s reading, it doesn’t matter
2. Just a picture counts
3. Just a quote counts
4. Just a link to something counts
5. It’s OK to queue some stuff ahead for publishing when you’ve got nothing
6. Chunk stuff up, keep some thoughts for tomorrow
7. This is writing, not editing – if it’s any good it’ll come back to you, you’ll improve it
8. Lower the bar

I find points 1 to 4 and 8 strangely encouraging. While they almost belittle and undermine the effort in someway, for me they free up the practice and make the benefit more accessible. The practice being (in my mind) to simply repeat and persist with an almost mediative practice. Or a conscious one at least. 

It reminds me of my 2010 photo everyday project. Just before the iPhone was a good enough camera for my liking, this project meant I had to carry a camera at all times (something I already did) and then edit and consider a set of photos each day (something I had become very lax with). It punctuated time, aided my memory and exists now as something I’m oddly proud of.  I loved the project and wish I’d kept it up. Maybe this will return me to form.

With a two week holiday approaching I think I’ll have to invoke point 5 early. 

And point 6 is the one I need to keep in mind the most. My tendency with blogging and any type of writing is to not know when to stop. I digress and meander and one thing leads to another and all thoughts roll into one and fullstops become hard to place

Let’s see how we go. 

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