Automagically unlocking  my computer with my watch

I can do this now. Set up yesterday. I keep forgetting I did it and so it still catches me by surprise and happens before I remember what’s happening. Open the laptop lid, await screen to wake, flex fingers ready for complex password entry, and my watch vibrates and my computer unlocks.

It’s kind of cool. It reminds me of when I first started using my thumbprint to unlock my phone. That first experience of security that’s quicker and more convenient than entering a password. 

But – and maybe it’s just me and my paranoia – doesn’t the 4 number passcode for my watch kind of defeat the level of security that long complex passwords and double authentication provide on my the computer?

I dunno. It’s a very interesting interaction whatever the case. Feels so obvious and natural to have all my devices talking so smoothly and effortlessly together. It makes me remember that my ‘loyalty’ to the manufacture of my watch, phone and computer is less about being a fanboy and more being a lazy boy. I’m locked into ease, not the operating systems, and at this stage, no matter how easy another system might be, the set up and switch alone is prohibitive to me ever changing. 

Again, don’t make my idiot brain think. Just keep designing me lazy