Forced accessibility trial

No sooner than I finish reading something about how the iPhone home buttons no longer breaks: mine breaks.

Timing is never good for your phone to break obviously but luckily my new order should just be days away, after waiting for what felt like ages for the 7 to arrive and update my fluffy old 5S. In the meantime I’ve had to adopt an Accessibility setting, that creates a virtual home button on the screen, that can be dragged around like a slippery little sticker on the glass.

It makes using the phone rather laborious, but gives me an odd appreciation both for the default accessibility functionality of the iPhone and the effectiveness of force touch to unlock. Can’t wait to turn it off nonetheless and get back to fingerprint unlock.

The settings reminded me also that the 3 finger tap to zoom function that I turned on ages ago are not on by default. I think I turned it on a while back so I could zoom websites and apps that prevented zoom.

Have a dig around and see if there are any settings you might like.