Classic beautiful packaging and the free dongle, but they don’t stay in my ear and they have a dangling cable, so as per my earphone user needs, I’m holding out for the black BeatsX Earphones which are pretty close to how I described my ideal earphones. Not out until autumn though so hanging on for them now after waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the new phone, thanks to my 5S slowly dying over the last month or so. On the matter of the new phone by the way, doesn’t the haptic feedback from home button feel a bit nasty, like the ‘click’ is coming from the back of the phone. Sadly no way to turn it off either. And wooooah! how long does it take to get used to not locking you phone nearly all the time when holding it in your left hand, or when adjusting the volume, or when playing a game or using anything in landscape mode?