I forgot three things…

5. A Theory of Film Music in response to The Marvel Symphonic Universe. Two wonderful ‘pieces of content’, the former from Dan Golding the later from the prolific Every Frame a Painting. 20 years ago, either of these, stretched to fill 30 minutes, would have been appointment TV viewing and VHS recording for any film or media studies student. But these are just by people in their bedrooms, not BBC or Channel 4 production companies. I’ll say it again: there is just so much that’s interesting right now.

6. Snapchat Spectacles. The reframing, no pun intended, that Snapchat have done here on Google Glass is amazing. M.G. Siegler makes my points better than I can, such as “First and foremost, the very direct framing of Spectacles as a toy is smart. Under-promise, over-deliver 101. As many have noted, basically the opposite of Google Glass” and so on. And yes, while this is a very different product to Glass, it is still a camera on your face which people are not reacting to in the same was as they did with Google. Or the Narrative clip which emerged around the same time, though which has also recently decided to stop trading.

7. There being more exciting things than I feel I have time to properly consider is reminding me of a series of book cover photos that I took some years ago. I was overwhelmed then by the number of books, movies, albums and places I was supposed to experience before I died, and on calculating how long would be needed I realised it was impossible to ever do it all. I feel less a need for better organisation and time management techniques in this sense, and more a need for a better ability to decide what to ignore and miss out on. Like the classic minimalist mantra of knowing what to leave out.