Updated warning signs

A few years back I noted the importance of viewing ‘Private Hire’ stickers in cars to other life threatening warning signs. Today I remembered that it needs to be updated with the PHV licence disc and the new Addison Lee logo. 

If you see either of these in or on the back of a car while you’re cycling, give it a wide birth and do not expect it to indicate. As someone that’s been cut off by many private hire cars and hit by an Addison Lee, I see this as a public service announcement!

What prompted me to remember today was a random spam marketing text from Addison Lee. Man, I really do dislike that company. Even on replying with STOP, the fact the unsubscribe confirmation message is from ‘ExactTarget SMS’ is somehow fittingly horrid. You are not a customer, you are a target. Both for marketing and hitting on the road… 

Cycle safe people.