This little video is beautiful. No doubting that. Great tune (the beginning of Spirit In The Sky has to be one of the best song starts ever), a nicely crafted poem and some beautiful illustration and animation. But, I have to admit to thinking that there is no actual business or user value to this video. 

It’s a view that troubles me to be honest. I adore so many of the elements, and love their creative and clever composition (loving too that it would have created so much work for creatives), and have long felt that the Google suite of tools (specifically Gmail, Sheets and Analytics) are by far the most sensible option for any business or professional, but when actually trying to understand what the newly named “G Suite” is, this video only obfuscates and distracts. 

Maybe it’s too beautiful and too clever. Distracting my eye and brain from a business task and making me think of Julia Donaldson books, also a bit of The Line by Saul Steinberg, and reminding me of the general genius of Jean Jullien who was involved in the illustration. Or maybe it’s just because I watched Doctor Strange last night and the bending reality and transformations are making me think of that!