A less considered pop-up

This Tumblr message always catches me out when I see it:


It appears if you’re writing a post in a browser tab then decide to close it without saving. It’s asking of you mean to, or want to ‘discard this post’ that you were writing. The language and button colours however confuse me. Firstly, because I read the ‘Nevermind’ option, to the ‘Discard this post?’ question as "Yeah, nevermind, discard it” and I read the ‘Discard’ option as “Discard this message”. I totally mix the two options and a couple times have I hit the wrong one. I think I would rather ‘Cancel’ instead of ‘Nevermind’ or even an alternative ‘Save’ options with ‘Cancel’ in smaller text under the buttons. 

Secondly, the decision to make the buttons different colours, with blue being the colour used by Tumblr on their Save and Post buttons, and grey the colour they use on their Close buttons, adds to the confusion:


Thirdly, isn’t Nevermind the name of an album, not an actual word? Why not write it ‘Never mind’? Who writes nevermind when meaning never mind? 

OK, while I’m here, I’m going to mention my main Tumber UI gripe again (sure I’ve written about it before, but it still gets me every time). I never remember what all these icons mean: 


And every time have to hover and wait a couple seconds for the little pop that tells me. I’m thankful at least that they removed the sign out button (that looked like a power / on/off button) from the set. What even was the thought behind having a prominent and unlabelled sign out button at the top of ever dashboard page?  I don’t know. Never mind.