Part of my research and thinking at the moment, on what makes us all act so differently and believe such seemingly opposite things, is making myself aware of thing that ‘I myself don’t get’ or that I think are bad or wrong. Trying to let go of the idea that I am right about social issues with my liberal bias and embrace my own ignorance and wrongness in all areas. One such area for me is graffiti, and these two tags from Kingston University recently reminded me of my confusion and non-understanding.

Rather than say they’re just wrong and bad people that did it, I’m trying to question the value to anyone, including themselves, of such small (4cm across each), pencil (easily rubbed off), kind of crap (come on, they’re not good by anyones measure are they?) tags on the wall of a clean and tidy toilet in Kingston University. Going to meditate on this one today. There has to be something in it.