Snapchat spectacles worn by UK surgeon while operating – BBC News

1. I still can’t get over how much more positive and intrigued the reporting of Snapchat Spectacles has been after the whole Google Glass Glassholes overreaction. "We have inequalities in medical education in different countries – I’m looking for ways we can use cutting-edge technology in relatively low-cost gadgets to teach people everywhere,“. This was on offer with Google Glass, and in a even more functional fashion. 

2. Is it not a bit dangerous impair your view when operating? "We rigorously tested them beforehand to see what the view was like and whether they impinged my view at all. It was a superficial operation and the glasses didn’t restrict me,” But surely any impairment at all is too much for surgery? 

3. Perhaps it’s just the price point and toy like nature that makes Spectacles seem different to Glass? “Since the spectacles cannot stream footage directly to the internet, the operation was captured in 10 second chunks that each took about half a minute to get online.”. Experiences like this make it much more cumbersome, but also make it seem like the user is innovating perhaps, working hard to record and share. Maybe Glass was too effortless and instant. 

4. Maybe Glass just prepared and softened us for Spectacles.  

5. Anyone else think this Doctor looks familiar

Snapchat spectacles worn by UK surgeon while operating – BBC News