What’s that Infrastructure?

Along with finding frost interesting, my ageing Dadness has me more and more into engineering and infrastructure. Perhaps this is more obvious from my past of enjoying the design and development of backend systems and CMS’s more than the front end and visible details, but either way, backend or front end designer, you have to check out the Practical Engineering YouTube Channel! 

In particular, the currently 4 episode series titled What’s that Infrastructure?. Episode 4 had me understanding more about this sort of marking that you see on the road from time to time, which I named road-worker-ese:

G/S? W/S?


oooo Blocked

Also on the channel is this must see for anyone that’s into science and sci-fi, explaining the basic civil engineering realities of building a space elevator:

So, unlikely any time soon then. In the meantime, back to more terrestrial transport and Episode. 1 – Transportation Infrastructure!