So, here’s a thing. I’ve switched this site to WordPress.com, leaving Tumblr, which was getting too buggy, but also because I’m increasingly dubious of ‘free’ services (and anything that Yahoo own).

I decided against self hosting or building, or anything ‘properly technical’ basically because of the same reason that we closed With Associates. SaaS and social services do much of what personal websites used to do, and for me personally, I see no return on the investment of trying to set up my own server or AWS account and all the related gubbins.

At the same time as getting more serious about writing and what’s next in my career, with this move I’m also kind of putting my money where my mouth is, by saying that most people and many businesses no longer need a digital agency or any bespoke software. As per my post on service inception:

Just concentrate on what your service is… Use the tools that achieve those tasks best and most affordably, then get on with it. If you have spare time to tweak, time that won’t hold you back from doing something measurably useful for your business, then go for it, but mostly, just focus on your services and borrow from others that are focusing on theirs.

In this context, my service is writing and sharing my ideas. WordPress.com (not org, there are differences) feels like the most affordable tool for me to do this securely and sustainably with.

Also, in the finer details: it’ll help me force changes that I’m trying to make, as Ulyssesapp can publish Markdown documents directly to WordPress, and the search functionality with WordPress.com is just way more reliable than it was with Tumblr. Here goes then. Test 1 of publishing from Ulysses, and day one of being a WordPress user…

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