Eminence based vs evidence based design

Continuing a podcast catch up, I’ve moved onto my Freakonomics backlog and am loving their three part Bad Medicine series.

Listening last night to Bad Medicine, Part 1: The Story of 98.6, talk of the term and pitfalls of ‘eminence-based medicine’ struck me for the first time as being how the design industry tends to practice. It got me to thinking again about evidence based design or the need for an organisation similar to theCochrane Collaboration for the design world (or something more impactful at least than the BDA).

In turn, that’s reminded me of another daydream about a protected and listed brands organisation.

Either way, imagine being responsible for providing clear empirical evidence to support your design solution (meaning, more than just your old portfolio of similar stuff and the precedent that it’s what other cool agencies do as well), alongside proposals for how you will measure and monitor the success of it.