Why and how?

There are many reasons that I’m enjoying working with students at the moment, but in particular, I’m loving how it’s like a refresher course on design thinking, the core of which is that incessant questioning of why and how?

The more you do this on projects and briefs, the more the behaviour spills over in odd ways to everyday life, for example, looking at a picture of Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) and wondering why and how it exists, 863 meters high, 9.4 kilometres around, in the middle of an otherwise totally flat landscape

Reading about the geology was a start, learning about Kata Tjuta (some other big red rocks near Ayers Rock, which I’d never heard of), but I still didn’t feel like I really got it, until I found this cross section image:

Reading more, and it turned out to likely be wrong (fake news!), but that maybe this is more likely:

Either way, the realisation / visualisation of Uluru being a long bent sausage like rock that we only see the top of, was nothing like what I imagined when I first wondered ‘why and how’ about it.

Also, I feel better prepared now in case my kids ever ask about it, as per encouraging them to ask their own why’s. Though first I still need an appropriate response to this mornings question about ‘why ghosts don’t exist’.