No parking

I wager that anyone with a keen eye for street graphics has noticed the effect that happens with a No Parking sign on a horizontally collapsing warehouse door, where, approaching from the sides you only see half of the letters, while straight on, you see the whole request. I know I have (though I’ll be dammed if I can find photographic examples right now).

Spotting this possible guerrilla graffiti version last weekend – simply replacing the P for a B – was a pleasant surprise therefore:

Looking back to see if they did it both ways, I saw this slightly more laboured version:

Less subtle. Also there’s something less skilled feeling about the use of a five letter word to replace the four. To forced.

Then the effect of the whole thing dawned on me, standing face on to the door, the direction anyone with a car would see it, you get this message:

Case in point with the blue car, the joke kind of get’s in the way of the purpose.