Augmented shelving and table design app

Two points to this post. Firstly, I discovered via an Instagram ad. Seriously! The ad actually looked interesting and felt pretty well targeted. Secondly, when I tapped to read more, I was actually pretty impressed, and continue to be so, as while it’s terribly named, Tylko is an incredibly smooth and empowering use of augmented reality, as well as an impressively simple and intuitive customisation UI.

Have a play with it yourself. Both the mobile app and the desktop browser version of their design / planing tool are fun and easy to use. Just hover and tap and click for a while and see how quickly you create something you like (at least, if this style of furniture is up your street).

After playing with the shelves, checkout the table as well. So much variability, so simply enabled by so few controls. These two designs created and costed within seconds:

I’d love to see the product in the flesh. And considering how tricky I’ve found it over the past little while to find a 2.50m x 80cm table, I may well end up seeing pretty soon. Well, in 7 weeks or so, as suggested by the current shipping time.