Sadl Ersw Ells logo loathing

What’s Sadl Ersw Ells? Isn’t it obvious? It says it right there. Or maybe you don’t know the theatre? Maybe only residents of Islington know it. No? You don’t know Sadl Ersw Ells either? Here’s the logo, you know…

I’m being facetious, and a bit bitchy, but I really dislike the Sadlers Wells logo, and it’s own near facetious employment of the block type logo technique, that looks more like a frustrating Boggle board than a legible or accessible identity.

It lacks the impact and legibility (and bilingual nature) of the Uniqlo logo and the creativity, flexibility and varying legibility of identities like Nimble. I’m sure there’s some rational behind it, but unless that is to deliberately frustrate and confuse people, then it fails.

If that is the idea however – if it intends to challenge, push you out of your comfort zone, make you concentrate, and be unpredictable and requiring of interpretation – then it’s brilliant!