Women in design

Three recent (to me) encouraging signs of change.

First, the website womenwho.design which looks to be submission based, which I think adds more to it than the idea of someone just making their own list. An inspirational resource for young women in design.

Second, speaking of young women in design, I’m still feeling really excited by my experience from tutoring on the predominantly female Kingston Graphic Design course over the past year. When I studied graphics it was very male dominant and far too ego and alpha driven. What I’ve seen at Kingston suggests this is on the change. Still a way to go, but it’s happening. Interestingly, one student told me how she hates the heforshe.org campaign, thinking it was off the mark, or not doing things in the right way. I need to ask her more.

And thirdly, the awesome looking vangirls.co.uk which I spotted while cycling the other day. Massive vans, a very professional looking team and far better (and more trustworthy) branding than your classic man with a van. Will be interesting to see if this sort of service disruption continues.