Ultimate interface when it comes to considering experience

I don’t know what just reminded me of this. And it wasn’t as morbid a chain of thought as you might think. I was just considering user interfaces that prompt us to consider and be conscious of our perceived user needs, which led to the UI of nuclear weapons, and this idea for making it painfully clear what the results will be:

Roger Fisher, professor of law at Harvard University, offers a simple suggestion to make the stakes more real. He would put the codes needed to fire nuclear weapons in a little capsule, and implant the capsule next to the heart of a volunteer, who would carry a big butcher knife as he accompanied the President everywhere. If the President ever wanted to fire nuclear weapons, he would first have to kill, with his own hands, that human being. ”He has to look at someone and realize what death is – what an innocent death is. It’s reality brought home, ” says Professor Fisher. Source

Gives you another perspective on that OK or Cancel button styling at least.