Website workarounds and hacks

At first glance, I figured was a fairly poor website (for a lovely restaurant, so I’m told).

The homepage looks broken. Events page is actually broken I think. Map page has a tiny illegible image of a map, that links out to Google Maps. No idea what Western Laundry is. No sign of  email or contact details. And then there’s the menu page, with one sentence, “Click here to see our daily menu”, which links to their Instagram, where they post photos of their blackboard menu.

What a great workaround for a popular and busy little local restaurant. Why waste time or try even to make time, to update their website daily, or create and upload PDFs. So simple and effective, and, streamed daily into the Instagram feeds of their seemingly substantial fanbase.

Examples like this convince me more and more that websites are becoming a rather niche and forgotten platform. Still kind of essential for a business, but more in a meta data kind of way. Simply for SEO purposes, so Google can crawl it, and display the info themselves.

On reflection then, I think the website is kind of perfect. Fit for use. Enabled me to book at least. What more could a webpage genuinely do for them?