Design Thinking is a reframing of design

I previously tweeted this link, but adding here for reference. Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking by Jared Spool, is a wonderfully level headed read on the topic of “Design Thinking”.

To those of us who’ve been doing this for a long time, design thinking doesn’t mean anything new. But it also doesn’t mean ‘make it pretty.’ And that’s why it works.
It changes the conversation. When you add ‘thinking’ to the word ‘design, it’s no longer about color or decoration. It’s now about process. It’s about getting to a more intentional outcome. It’s about thinking about the experience of the customer, user, and employee.

This is it in a nutshell for me – clear, simple, and useful – and so the seemingly large community of design thinking critics truly baffles me.