You should offer something. Even if it’s just thinking, experience, or early ideas

Paraphrased from here:

Someone once told me that you should offer something if you’re networking. Even if it’s just thinking, experience or early ideas. It’s the best way to get the most out of someone and keep their interest.


I’ve been mulling this tweet for a while now. It pretty much reflects the ideal behind this blog, but seeing Amina connect the sentiment so directly to networking really resonates.

Everything we put into the world is networking. If we create things for others to see, then we’re inviting reaction. We’re causing connections.

Of late, I’ve been struggling to decide exactly what I want to offer, and what to write, because I’ve not been clear about who I’m trying to connect and network with. Who I’m hoping to get reaction from. I love then how Amina’s tweet, a reaction to someone else’s thought that was designed to invite reaction, has caused a reaction in me.

I think this relates to why I’m doing National Blog Posting Month. Forcing my hand to put things out and test if this is how I want to connect. Only 4 days in, and with 4 very short posts, I’m not too sure so far, but I’m going to crack on for now.