How to fail

I’ve been writing a post all evening, with determination to finish before 12. But I didn’t make it. Still, it’s a draft, not totally wasted. Stings a bit though.

I’m digging deep into memories of all the stories and lessons I’ve heard about embracing failure, and how it can make us stronger, but they’re pretty hard to buy in the moment.

And while I did enjoy reading How to Fail, and listed to the podcast that followed the book for quite a while, I think ‘good failure’ stories rely a lot on the survivorship bias. As with anyone in a position to be presenting their experience, as a lesson and example for us all:

xkcd – There’s one for everything

Or perhaps it’s just that failure needs time to settle and stew. Being in it is never good, surely. It’s all about hindsight and reflection.

Also, if NaBloPoMo is about posting every day, then I’ve done that at least. Not technically a total failure.