The problems with email

A great post shared by Anna poses the question why is it so hard to innovate in the email space and gives a lot of good answers and ideas to our earlier in-studio rant about the Apple OS X Mail app.

If you don’t know the app, know that it’s really buggy. If you know the  app, you’ll know it’s really buggy. And if you used to know the app, know that it’s still buggy. The question that came from this mornings frustrations was pretty much the title of the Front app post, plus the extra level of, HOW can it be so hard for the wealthiest company in the world? 

My rant went along the lines of “How? How can it be getting worse? How can it not work well? Why don’t they fix it? I mean, seriously, why? Jamie. Why? Like, really, can you imagine at all how the OS X Mail app is not better than it is”.

To calm me down, Jamie, Anna and others in the studio that were unlucky enough to hear me, came up with some additionally great ideas (one from Anna as I say, was a link to the above post). 

  1. Maybe no one that’s good enough to fix it wants to work at Apple?
  2. Maybe there aren’t even that may people that are actually good enough to even solve it
  3. Maybe the good people just don’t wants to touch the old horrible codebase 
  4. Maybe some bureaucratic issues at Apple make solving such a difficult space, with such a long history, practically impossible? 

The most interesting idea here though I think is the idea that no one that’s able to, wants to. This resonates with my experience of good developers. They’re like Buddha’s that have gained enlightenment and know how to seek all that they need from life. Bending their skills of achieving happiness for a cause they’re not interested in, just doesn’t happen. 

What we need is a group of renegade genius devs, willing to give a year or two of their lives, to solve this old issues for the greater good.

Sign up here. And thanks in advance. x