Peter Day, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Jeff Bezos

Listening to Peter Day’s brilliant World of Business, from 17 April titled ‘In business: has the book a future’.

There’s a point in the programme where he portrays the old guard of big book stores (read Boarders, Books etc, etc) as poor little underdog businesses, now that the internet and Amazon in particular have all but destroyed them.

It made me think of 1998s You’ve Got Mail, staring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, where a little independent book store (owned by Meg) is being destroyed by the big high street chain (owned by Tom). 

Further more in the film, the internet (played by AOL) is the thing that brought them together. Now, it’s the thing that’s destroying them all. More home breaker than relationship maker.

PS. That link to the original 1998 You’ve Got Mail website again, just in case you missed it. That was the internet at the time this film was made. Imagine being able to imagine then, that this medium would become what it has… a bit like Jeff Bezos did in fact, four years before the film even…