A beautifully crafted web page

Just found wrist.im via the steer.me newsletter and had one of those ‘aww yeah that’s ace, ooooh, nice details, wish we’d done that’ moments. Followed by a thought on how odd the web is as medium. Generally.

It’s not a new thought, nor an insightful one as such, but it struck me like when I find clapping to be odd from time to time, when in the middle of a crowd that’s doing it. Lots of people, showing appreciation by repeatedly smashing two limbs together to make a noise.

It’s just odd when you think that this agreed social format has evolved and how different it could have been, or even how normal it would have been if it had never evolved at all. A world with no clapping is equally as odd as one with.

The web is feeling a bit in that realm for me now and wrist.im is a good example to help reveal this overthinkingness. It’s great, yes, but it probably represents hundreds of hours or work of one person, fits into no classic genre other than ‘portfolio’ or ‘experiment’ perhaps, will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people no doubt, yet on the greater scheme of things, is just one in a few billion of other webpages being created and on the whole, as indistinguishable as one clap amoung the white noise of a billion.

But, there is is, being made, applauded and now moved on from. 

Case in point. Another one in a few billion. Tumbleweed. Moving on.