Data privacy, scattergun style

I stopped using Facebook because I was creeped out by how intrusive it was. Gathering so much data, across so many site, along with information about everyone that I interacted with. It just feels gross to give that company that much info.

Then they bought Instagram, so I left that as well. Disappointingly, I came back to it after deciding the social value was greater than the data cost / risk (though that was still not the case with Facebook). Then they bought WhatsApp, which I also used a bit. And now they’ve bought Moves.

This morning I downloaded by Moves data and deleted my account, the server back up of which I was informed will be deleted in 30 days.

I now have a 74.8 MB data file which I cannot do anything with, a free texting app which I’m semi-scared to use, a photo sharing app on which I regularly share personal images with geo data, and an inability to participate professionally on company or community Facebook pages due to the fact I’m scared of Facebook having personal or geo data on me…

Use, value, benefit, risk, inevitability? It’s getting harder to draw lines isn’t it.