Avoid a geographical name for your new business or start up

On Dover Street in London’s Mayfair, they created the shop brand Dover Street Market. At the time I be this seemed like a really good idea. And it probably helped people find the shop. “Have you been to Dover Street Market? No? Oh you must. Where is it? Why, it’s on Dover Street! LOLOLO”

Then they opened one in Japan. “Have you been to Dover Street Market desu ka? No? Where is it? Well, Ginza Komatsu West, 6-9-5, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061.” Which isn’t too bad considering the existing complexity of Japanese addresses and the fact that there is no actual Dover Street in Tokyo.

Then they opened one in New York. “Taxi! Take me to Dover Street Market. What? No, not Dover Street. Dover Street Market on Lexington Av & East 30th St. Yeah! Not Dover Street on Dover Street. Dover Street on Lexington. Dummy”. 

Another example close to where I live is the E5 Bakery, in E8.

It’s all along the lines of Carphone Warehouse in way. Geographical and technology descriptive then. Avoid both incase you move, or the goalposts do.