Re last post: Said the man that named With Associates…

Calling myself out here. It’s not just geographical or technology based brand names that are difficult to get right, it’s all branding. Branding and naming anything is hard with expectation to be prophetic about every eventuality. 

I thought our With Associates name was a nice little idea and gave an immediate clue to our philosophy. Working ‘with’ people. Not for, or against, or behind. With. But when we phone people, I get the feeling that this is what they hear:

“Hello, is Victoria there? Great. It’s Mathew Fromworth Associates… No, Withell Sociates… No, WIIIITH. W-I-T-H Associates. With Associates. Yes, that’s it. Great. Thanks.”

Every. Single. Time. 

I still like the name though and stand by the philosophy. W+I+T+H.

Bonus Material: A great naming fail I only recently learned about is from the new world of create hashtags that are unique enough to own yet easy enough to type and read. 

Susan Boyle having an album party, easy… #susanalbumparty

Wait. What?