Blurring the line between admin and interface

I’ve noticed this MailChimp issue a few times when unsubscribing form emails that use their system. It shows the user the (usually arbitrary) name that you gave the mailing list that they’re on. Here’s my most recent experience:

MailChimp mailing list title reveal

Not too bad of a reveal for the company in question, though it does show the user (me) something that I’m not sure I want to see. That I’m part of some global list, the May 2015 version, part 1. I know that emails like these are mass mail-outs, but seeing this when I enter into the closure experience with their brand leaves a slightly bad taste. 

The best / worst I’ve seen is when the list has a bad or even rude name. “Bulk random email list 3″ or “Scraped from the internet” or similar! 

Should MailChimp not show this detail on this screen? Should they make it clearer to the admin user that their mailing list title could be revealed to the recipient? Should the user design / compose their mailing list titles more consciously because it will be seen? “Cool customers list!”. Dunno. Do know that I love this hidden and extended little UX details though. Wish we had more time to polish them with WA clients.