Canonbury Tower on Canonbury Place

Somehow I completely neglected to find anything out about the building that I took photos of for my last post. I cared enough to stop the car while passing recently, and to park illegally (which is a seriously brave thing to do in Islington, even for a second) to take the picture, but beyond that, nothing*.

While spending 30 seconds with Google is hardly thorough research, it is quite easy to quickly find a lot about this rather historical building.

Canonbury Tower by W. Floyd Nash via Islington Local History Centre and Museum

The Canonbury Tower is said to be one of, if not the oldest building in Islington.

The manor house of Canonbury was constructed by William Bolton of St Bartholomew’s Priory between 1509 and 1532. At the dissolution it was granted to Thomas Cromwell. In the 1590s the manor house was rebuilt by Sir John Spencer, Lord Mayor of the City of London, including the construction of its tower. The tower has been occupied by many historical figures, including Francis Bacon and Oliver Goldsmith. The Tower Theatre Company was based here from 1953 to 2003. It is currently used as a Masonic research centre. Wikipedia

You can have a drag around on Street View for a better look than in my photos, and this September you could even go for a guided tour. I can’t sadly as I’ll be away, but I’ll wager The Clerkenwell & Islington Guides Association will do another one soon :)

I’m putting this slip, of not instantly turning to Google, down to a practice that I’m trying to do more of at the moment: ‘Actually trying to think and remember things’. It’s a fun thing to do with friends in particular, when you can’t remember an actors name or the year that Fire of London started. You all talk and have guesses and either somebody later randomly shouts “Robert Newton!” or you all go home and research to find out who was right.