Why are McMansions bad architecture?

The question above was posed by Jason Kottke in support of a post that he found titled McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture? on the website mcmansionhell.com. It’s safe to say then I think that these guys don’t like McMansions. And neither do I. I also think, however, that I like even less the way some people talk so absolutely about what is definitively good and bad design, or taste. 


^ Here’s a McMansion if you’ve never seen one (image via Kottke). I’d seen buildings like this before, but never heard the term. Maybe it’s an American thing? 

It reminds me of an interesting reaction I got on Instagram a while back about a building that I like in Old Street.


Is anyone else really into this building or is it just me. Love how it messes with perspective and that it makes me like it even though totally not what I’d usually like (have a read of the comments). 

The McMansions also reminded me of a building in Islington that I drive past a lot and always found rather curious.


^ I give two views to express the near McMansion craziness of it. Curiously however, I think I like this building.

Why do we like what we like? What do others hate what they hate? Is anything truly actually good or bad?

I think is the harking back to my post Aesthetics embodied within technologies a few weeks back. 

Lots of ‘I think’ in this post. I’m sure of that. 

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