OX. All terrain mobility for all

Feeling more odd liking of vehicles today after admitting my old car love earlier this week, and thinking so much these last few days about driving in Sri Lanka. Aesthetically, the like this time is even more odd than old 80s cars, but undeniably amazing design from an innovation point of view.


The OX is…  

Designed and built in Britain, the OX is unlike any other vehicle and has no competitor – whether from a concept, performance or pricing point of view. It is the world’s first flat-pack vehicle, with a revolutionary design that offers all-terrain mobility for all.

That’s right, that says flat-pack:


There’s a great specification comparison table on their website that basically translates as ‘The OX is kickass’. I so want one (and a TukTuk for shorter trips)! It’s the eco creds equivalent of a Hummer. 

Just look how much fun it looks to drive!