Noticed an interesting cycle lane change in local park. Previously the path was split in two by a big white line. Bikes on the right (of the picture above) and pedestrians on the left. Cycling through today I noticed the new surface and then central floor parkings suggesting shared use of the whole path. And at either end, a new sign asking for people to share, with note about pedestrian priority and cyclist courtesy. 

After two weeks thinking about road use and responsibility in Sri Lanka, this is a funny change to see back at home. Removing a strict and clear rule (a literal rule down the middle of the path) which I’ve witnessed causing aggression between walkers and riders, if someone is on the ‘wrong’ side or not paying proper attention ‘as they should be’. The new rule of ‘this path is for both uses, so watch out for each other, is one that I bet will work better too. 

It’s reminding me of similar projects done on busy roads and of London Fields park where one path is shared and the other is split. Wonder if I could test my belief that the latter causes more agro?