Stumbled across my old ‘Usedability’ Flickr album. A term I coined in attempt to reference wear and tear that reveals evidence and issues with the ways that some things are used. Like stairwell wall that’s painted white, emphasising the tyre marks of bikes that are carried up and down:

Bikes + Stairs + Time = Smudges 3

Or those door plates that are to show you where to push to open and prevent the door from being worn by pushes to other parts:

Door use

Or the scrapes and marks around keyholes, revealing how they’re too close to the door and door frame to be used comfortably:


Or simply the road and pavement furniture that gets knocked over by people using the roads and pavements:


Ties in with my background image ‘evidence’ photos, but was intended more as a way to register fault or opportunity to improve. Nice to look back again. And funny to be getting to an age of the internet where there is so much to look back on. Never imagined that time would come when immersed in the excitement of the ‘new media’ tabula rasa 17 years ago.