Pick one

More looking back. I must be feeling nostalgic. Maybe it’s the Christmas or something. 

This project is one that I’ve thought about a lot over the years, after loving it at first sight, and perhaps for reasons that weren’t the intention of the creator (I wanted to write author then, but changed my mind for some reason). 

After stumbling across the original (now dead) link again, the Wayback Machine helped me discover the new pick-one.org version that Ben Nyberg doesn’t link to from his current site. 

Anyway, have a play and see what you think. The new words aren’t as good as the original set I reckon, but the effect is still there for me. Just that moment of reflection each time you are given a random pair of conflicting or oddly comparable words. Thinking of both, in relation, then picking one, feels meditative somehow. The Pope vs. Mathematics. Rain vs. Babies. Leather vs. Nostalgia. Harry Potter vs. Lawyers are a just a few I got just now. 

I always thought it would make an interesting interface for a dating app or network. The more combinations of random words that you choose helps with matching you with like minded types, without obvious ways to game it or lie. I’m Mathematics, Rain, Nostalgia, Harry Potter for example. Seeking similar. 

Not really.