‘What’s in your bag?’ Moving to London in 1999 edition

Planning for my broadly named ‘experience and Interaction’ project strand at Kingston, and my mind wondered to remembering the paraphernalia that I wanted/needed in my bag when I moved to London in 1999:

London Mini A-Z, Minox 35 EL, Franklin Collins Thesaurus and Spellchecker, A6 Hardback Sketchbook, Time Out Yearly Diary, an NEC DB2000 mobile phone, a book and/or magazine, and some form of annoyingly earphoned cassette player, but for some reason I can’t remember which one.

All these things are now in my phone. This isn’t an original observation, with images like these having done the rounds over the past 10 years as smartphones slowly consumed the consumer electronics market:

All these things now fit in your pocket 2.jpg


But today, for the first time, I’ve recognised that while technology and the contents of my bag have changed, that my user needs have simply remained the same. We focus on new technology and how old tech and methods date, but really, does what we want to do ever actually change that much?