The Bottom Line, The Challenges of Running a Charity

I’m catching up with The Bottom Line at the moment, and listened yesterday to The Challenges of Running a Charity from February. It talks openly about the issues with trust that charities face these days, after various money wasting scandals, public awareness of data protection concerns, and more generally with the overwhelming nature of how charities that you support tend to chase, often aggressively, thereafter.

Serendipitously, yesterday evening during the kids bedtime, our doorbell was rung by a pair of collectors, who’s imposing guilt tactics I usually find turn me off the idea of supporting or giving anything. This pair however I have to say utterly changed my perspective.

Perhaps it’s because I was primed by The Bottom Line earlier in the day, being aware of how the new Fundraising Regulator says collectors should act (or due to the work they have already put in place), or because I was already considering setting up a Direct Debit with this particular charity, but either way, these two young men were an encouraging breadth of fresh air and had my confidence, and details, in no time.

Hats off then to the training team at, to UNICEF for selecting such a great partner, and to the guys operating in Dalston last night.