Different countries react to ambulance sirens

I always loved the way people react to emergency sirens on the roads in the UK, and totally assumed it was the same the world over. Oh my, was I sadly wrong it would seem:

We act like Poland seems to in this video. Humanely. Compassionately. Obviously. No? Well, clearly not. Really, I’m blown away by this. It’s adding fuel to a path of research that I’m on, with regards to how we understand each other, or more precisely, how little we really understand each other.

Also, to be fair, I don’t think the Japan clip should be included here. It’s not the same comparison to how other drivers react, and we don’t know if they do have some special toll barrier opening deal, and it’s not like they can just smash through barriers. Or maybe some people think they should?

Anyway, while I can’t remember where I came across this video, I know that I’m thinking about it again after the amazing 8 minute response time that the London emergency services made to the London Bridge attack. So proud of our city, service people, and the amazing people that live here. Like John Oliver puts it: